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Why Serviced Apartments Are The Best Choice For Your Holiday Accommodation

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Surprising to many, hotel rooms are rarely the best value option. Despite the incredible facilities and space serviced apartments afford, they are almost always less expensive than other forms of holiday accommodation. But wait, it gets even better – for those planning on a long-stay holiday; serviced apartments offer even more amazing value. Bookings of 28 days or more benefit from a tax reduction applied to the entire stay – and so the value appeal of apartments for either short or long stay holidays is undeniable. The added benefit of booking your holiday apartments with City base is that our in-house team provide a personalized service, and by liaising with our extensive property partner network can even negotiate better rates for you, the customer, wherever we can.

A major competitive edge serviced apartments have over hotels is their availability and distribution. Hotels tend to be clustered in busy city areas in long established buildings – with little ability to expand or enhance their accommodation. This results in a limited selection of locations as well as rooms short on space. Contrastingly, serviced apartments tend to be spread throughout cities – right from the most travel convenient locations to those prime areas at a peaceful remove from the busy city but with excellent transportation access. From boutique apartments in small, beautiful former houses, to glistening modern spaces in custom built apartment complexes, serviced apartments can pop up virtually anywhere. With the best property providers in the business contributing to our portfolio, we select the very best for our clients. Furthermore, holiday apartments exist almost everywhere in the world – and we have a vast selection ready for you to book for your next adventure.

The best features and facilities.

Longonot Place Serviced Apartments

The real selling point of a serviced apartment is its fantastic range of features and facilities. With each apartment/apartment complex being a unique creation, there is an apartment, and corresponding set of features, to cater to every budget. But even the bare minimum array of features we ensure comes with every apartment we book – fully furnished kitchen, living space, and housekeeping – provides an element of luxury and convenience with which a hotel can’t compete. With a host of facilities available depending on your booking, including swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, spas, restaurants, bars, private cinemas and much more, you really can tailor your apartment to create the optimum, luxury holiday accommodation.

Often beautifully decorated and featuring a balcony or private outside space, apartments are also lovely spaces in which to simply enjoy the company of the people you are with. The addition of a kitchen in these self-catering apartments not only reduces the expense of constantly eating out, but also adds another dynamic to your stay. The option to cook and eat together, or even entertain visiting friends, adds to the holiday atmosphere of having your own special home-from-home. Enjoying the privacy, peace and security of your apartment will transform your holiday into one that is truly memorable and stress free.

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