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14 Corporate Uses of  Serviced Apartments

Many jobs require travel or temporary relocation. In most cases, the company arranges these accommodations. Temporary housing has many benefits, including the reality that comfortable, dependable housing makes it easier for employees to focus on their work. And furnished options with a trusted partner make logistics simple.

Why might you need accommodations like this for employees? Here are fourteen reasons your business might need temporary corporate housing:

1. Employee Relocations

Employees relocate for their companies from time to time—whether that’s a new employee moving for a new role, an established employee moving because of a transfer, or another company shift such as a new office branch opening.

In these cases, the company may need an employee on-site before permanent housing arrangements can be made. Temporary corporate housing allows employees to get started on their work while searching for permanent accommodations.

2. Long-Term Projects

Some employee relocations aren’t permanent, yet still require more stability than a few nights at a hotel can provide. While some hotels are set up for long-term guests, not all are (and they often aren’t cost-effective solutions).

For example, a specialist may need to move to a different city or country for a three-month project before going back to their usual corporate location. Or an engineer, manager, or project team may need to focus on a project outside of their usual area. In these cases, corporate housing allows them to operate at a temporary location to perform their work efficiently.

3. Training Programs

Not all training can be done on-site. In the case of off-site training or certification courses, employees may need to stay near a central training facility that’s away from their usual business location. These programs may last weeks, and employees can get the most out of their training with the familiarity and stability temporary housing provides.

4. Internships and Co-op Programs

Organizations that participate in co-op programs or regularly have a rotating roster of interns may benefit from temporary housing solutions. Students from other regions will need a place to stay during their internship period, which typically lasts several months.

Having a trusted location to place interns makes it easier to recruit them—and it makes turnover logistics easier on your company as students cycle in and out.

5. Consulting Engagements

Consultants travel from location to location to meet with new companies and perform their work. These engagements often last for extended periods, especially for large-scale projects or overhauls. If you run a consulting firm, corporate housing can provide your employees with a home base during these engagements.

6. Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate mergers often require complicated reorganizations, relocations, and collaborations between people that may not happen at any other time. These can be even more complicated if the companies that merged are in two different geographic areas.

Temporary housing allows employees in this situation to come together at a central location while changes are discussed and finalized.

7. Expatriate Assignments

Expatriate assignments require employees to work in a foreign country, often for a set period. Many logistics go into a foreign assignment, including visas, travel, and other paperwork.

Housing arranged by the company makes it easier to manage a move abroad. For employees whose families will accompany them for the duration of the assignment, furnished housing solutions make the complicated move much easier.

8. Seasonal Workers

Many businesses hire seasonal workers, either because different tasks are required in different seasons, or the volume of tasks varies by season. Industries such as agriculture, tourism, or construction often involve seasonal work.

A place that relies on Christmas-related tourism, for example, may need more workers and temporary housing during November and December. It is easier to recruit for seasonal work, particularly from a pool of non-local candidates, if you have established places for them to stay.

9. Medical Assignments

Temporary assignments are common in the healthcare industry, where work is localized to clinics or hospitals. In addition to time-limited assignments like internships and residencies, some healthcare jobs are designed to move around on a contract basis.

Traveling nurses or physicians will complete short-term stays at a particular hospital or clinic before moving to the next assignment, and they need housing for each assignment they take.

10. Government Contracts

Government contracts often take companies away from their primary headquarters. If a company is awarded a government contract for a project, this can result in long-term displacement of workers. To meet the demand, the company will have to provide housing solutions for anyone working on the project.

11. Film and Entertainment Jobs

Entertainment jobs are some of the most mobile, with work happening away from home or headquarters. On-location film productions can take months, and TV shows may film seasonally for years. Touring artists may need to rehearse for several weeks at a venue or stay even longer for something like a residency. All these performers and crews need extended-stay housing when working on projects.

12. Construction Projects

Construction projects require a substantial amount of space to house supplies and equipment. They need space for their workers, too. Large-scale projects aren’t always local or within commuting distance, so nearby lodging is necessary for their duration.

13. Educational Institutions

Relocation is common in academia and often happens seasonally to align with the school year or a particular semester. Colleges and universities may provide housing for visiting professors, researchers, or academic exchange programs lasting a semester or more.

While some larger institutions have limited room for on-campus accommodations, most don’t. Nearby temporary housing is usually the best option for hosting these guests.

14. Natural Disaster Relief

Relief for natural disasters requires support from neighboring communities—and sometimes beyond. When a business or support group is deployed for emergency response, they need somewhere to stay. They may house their teams in the affected area for an extended period to provide assistance and support.


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